Big Bow Headband


Im a Mama of two, who lives in Dubai and had my first baby Al Jalila on March 2018. Jalila is a miracle baby due to 6 previous loses (miscarriages & stillborn) before her.
Every Mama knows that having a girl is like having a dolly in your life where you can dress her up the way you dreamt off when you were a little girl. Hair accessories, in particular Big BOWs were the biggest part and I guess the most important of Jalilas daily outfits, due to having very little plus she hair.

Long story Short - this is how everything had started!

I tried to find places where to order them, searching for the best color and fabric that is soft, comfy and at the same time looks pretty on Jalila. Once I found a perfect headband that covers half of her head ( hiding not existing hair ) with a Big Bow that stands out and makes her super gorgeous. I started Wanting all of the colors of the rainbow to make sure it matches every outfit and every mood đŸ€© but it was a pain to get them delivered from other parts of the world, that made me wait months to receive a couple of headbands. So I decided to make them on my own - HANDMADE! After researching for a perfect fabric and learning the technique how to tie them in a beautiful Bow as well as Knot- JALLY BOWTIQUE was born.

A beautiful online store that has big range of exclusively handmade hair accessories for all ages like Big Bows, Knots, Clip Bows and even something for mamas - Scrunchies.
Jally Bowtique head accessories are soft, stretchy and so pretty. I assure you and your little girl will get lots of compliments while wearing them.

Good news that it didn't stop on the headbands only. To compliment the Bows we added beautiful Limited edition baby clothes ( Cotton Rompers, Muslin dresses and more beautiful baby outfits ), also Crochet Knitted Baby Blankets made from Organic Cotton & Bamboo threads that are extremely soft and comfy. 



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