Our Story

My story began a few years ago when my Mama tried to find the perfect head accessory for their newborn baby girl - Me - Al Jalila.
Surprisingly, she couldn’t find anything she liked; affordable, unique and something having excellent quality. So Instead of stressing out of ordering from overseas and waiting for a very long time to receive it she decided to make her own headwrap.
After making a good research on a quality, soft and stretchy fabric, as well as figuring out how to make them, she got me oversized headwrap BOW that was wide enough to cover my tiny ears. Also it is thick enough to stay warm but light enough to wear all year long in UAE weather.
But it didn’t stop just on BOWs and Knots. A stylish and comfy outfits came into making to match unique BOWs, as well as super soft handmade Baby Blankets that are made by my Grandma. 
“Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be!”